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promotion: fanclub videos

European Fanclub of TVXQ

By Elina & Roxx

European Fanclub of TVXQ

By Nayomira

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Promotion: FC Banners

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[SIGN UP!] Europe Travel Book – DBSK 5th Anniversary Gift

current projects

Original thread here. Post by PitchiPoo ^^

For questions and what this project is about check here.




I am looking for ways to get the project to the boys.
I have a friend in Japan, who can go to AVEX and deliver it, BUT i think it’ll reach the boys quite late since they’ll most likely be in Korea at the time.

Another way is sending it directly to SM Entertainment, but also none knows if it’ll reach the boys.
DOES ANYONE OF YOU know someone in Korea who could deliver it for us personally to SM or has any other idea?
we need to solve this problem!!

now about the…


Signing up


Sign up here! You have to be registered in our forum!

Also if there is someone who could translate into korean please say so as well, it’d be helpful for the dictionary =D



I have to make a deadline so i can plan everything.
Today is Sunday the 22nd June.
From today on you have 4 weeks, until sunday the 20th July for signing up.

PLEASE! tell your friends and everyone you know might be interested in taking part to come here and sign up on the forum because everything about this project will be discussed here!

Also (sorry i forgot who it was) mentioned it would be good if the different people from one country could talk to each other and make sure they do not send something twice. Please do so if possible via msn, pm or whatever =D

Last thing, if anyone wants to donate for the photobook contact me via pm here. I don’t mind buying it, but if there’s someone who’d like to help out with just donating 1€ i’m fine (even less then 1€…50cent…whatever you want XD and believe me, the money is JUST used for the photobook, nothing else.)

Original thread here. Please, sign up in the forum!


Europe Travel Book – DBSK 5th Anniversary Gift

current projects

Basic idea:

A Photobook with different sections for every country.


(i’m gonna take Germany and me as an example, how i XD)
OK so the first page (the part where you open the book, the hard cover and the first page) will be a map with korea on the right and europe on the left where with red lines and a tiny plane it’s shown where this book is going to take them to =D

Then The frst country i introduced, in my example Germany.
I’d put a map of the country there and maybe also put little red dots where the exact fans come from,maybe a tiny photo as well? Stil have to really think about it ^^.

Then the first fan has a few pages (depends on how big the photobook is i get). You can design your pages the way you want. Like photos of you, you DBSK stuff whatever. You can write something, poems, a short story (no slash please XD),..whatever. The best thing would be also vouchers, programs, whatever has to do with sightseeing in your country (Germany….for example things from Castle Neuschwanstein…or we here in my city have ruins from the romans…that kind of things ^^).

After all the fan’s pages there’s a page (or two, depends) with a small dictionary where you teach the Boys something in your language. I think it’d be funny to have not only conventional speech, but also funny sayings, or show them how to order a beer and that stuff XD

Then the next country comes etc.

About the coins, we can put those at the very very end, but i’d say only if we have coins from every country, if not i think it’d look so incomplete ‘-‘


How to participate:

I’m going to make a thread (later XD) where you can sign up, telling me each country. You’ll have to send me your things, you can tell me how you want the page to look like and i’d show it to you before i really glue everything inside so you can say ok or what to change.

I will set a deadline for signing up, as i have to plan how many from each country will participate and how many pages each country gets.

So, get your friends and everyone you know who would love to conribute something,to sign up here in theforum, on LJ or myspace quickly =3

now…did i say everything? if not, ASK THE QUESTIONS =D


Projects for 5th anniversary of DBSK debut: ideas?


Soon, on Dec 26, 2008, it is

5th anniversary of DBSK debut,

and we want to do something for them.

Help us collect ideas for the project but

  • Keep in mind they never accept expensive presents. Buying them something is out of question. Small things can be discussed, but something personal that they’d still gladly keep would be better.
  • The theme should be preferably “european”. If we send them something it’ll be from us, the european FC, so wouldn’t it be nice to have something that shows them our continent?

Some suggestions…

Travel Diary

Photobook with sections of each country including photos, drawings, poems whatever from fans, but also postcards, bus tickets, vouchers etc from your city/country, make it look like they travelled here with many souveniers and such =D
On the fist page a little map with red lines from Korea to the participating countries and a little plane (you know what i mean?XD). Maybe also a little Dictionary at the end with sayings from each country and such.

by PitchiPoo

Share yours here!


Pre-vote for the Fanclub name

current projects

The names were choosen. The two ones with the most votes will enter the closer assortment.
Explanations to the names:

– Phoenix –

It’s a constellation too, like cassiopeia. Because a phoenix is a mythical bird which is made from fire, what reminds me of: rising sun, rising gods, shine… Because it’s immortal, and we will love them for the eternity (eternal, forever love). And because it’s from the greek mythology, which is european ^^
The Phoenix constellation is also a boreal constellation, it means that it’s not visible from everywhere. That reminds that, even if they don’t know, see us, we are somewhere protecting them.
Phoenix’s most important stars are two stars, and one triple star = five

– Aurora –

Goddess of the dawn and DBSK are gods from the rising east, album called rising sun…

– Angels of the west –

DBSK are the gods from the east and we fans are their angels, normally watching that nothing happens to them.

– Eternal … –


– Calliope –

muse of poetry. DBSK often say that their fans give them strength. Muses are inspirations and tutelary goddesses.

Please, go and vote too!

You can also suggest more names here.


Joining the Inofficial european fanclub

To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to “officially” open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ.

By doing so we hope to gather and keep track of people interested in joining an official fanclub they most likely have to pay for BUT also get many advantages from. Furthermore creating an inofficial fanclub supports the idea of being a part of a huge united fandom.

If you are interested in joining the inofficial fanclub, please reply to this topic by posting your full name and your birthdate (You can also pm Yami-san your full name and birthdate if you don’t want to post it openly and just post your forum name here). Every joining member will get their own fanclub member #number (first come, first serve, first 5 spots are already taken by the current initiators though) and a tentative digital membership card. We also plan on events, contests and lotteries and try to keep the fun up so our community will achieve a feeling of unity. Our website is currently under construction and will soon be online. BUT we can only achieve becoming an official fanclub with YOUR help, so please join us and help us by becoming an active member of our inofficial fanclub.

It’s not SO complicate, right? Come and join us! ;P


To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to "officially" open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ. Please, join us at our forum, livejournal, myspace and youtube account ^^


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