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Europe becomes One

Hey Phoenixes~,

As you guys know TVXQ has fans from all around Europe, and as you might also know (unfortunately) they’re not all in our fanclub. The choice is surely up to them and we don’t want to force anyone to become a part of our community.

But what we want is to show TVXQ and SM that we are a huge and united fandom that stands together as one. Therefore we decided to create a link list of every European fanclub out there to prove how many we are and how devoted we are to TVXQ.

This list will be shown on our forum as well as on our website to be visible for every visitor.

The list though is merely a database, a collection of links, which shows that we’re all European fans of TVXQ and we all stand for the same goal.

The fanclubs and forums on the list won’t have an affiliate status, since many of them offer downloads and copyrighted material and we don’t want to have them closer connected to Phoenix. If you know a site or forum which wants to affiliate with us, we would kindly ask them to remove their download sections (if they have any) and the name and link of those website will seperately be put on our affiliates list with a button picture of their choice.

Take here a look if your countrie’s TVXQ page is already in the list.


[Advertisement] KoME – Database and Information website about Korean Music and Forums

Today i come here to do some house advertising ^^;

KoME is a website, with the prime objective of spreading the popularity of Korean music to the people of Europe and America.
KoME features a wide range of Biographies, Reviews, Livereports, Interviews and News in different languages.
Come and visit us!
Feedback is also welcome, you can either send us an E-mail or join our forums.
Our forums aren’t just about Korean music, you can talk about other asian artists as well, movies, lifestyle and whetever else the fan heart likes. We try to be peaceful in our forums andappreciate all kinds of opinions. Discussions are welcome, as well as serious talks or funny conversations.
The Links to our forums are
We’re looking forward to a lot new members in our forums and feedback from you!


[ANNOUCEMENT] Phoenix Souls – Hug (Japanese Version)


[ANNOUCEMENT] Phoenix Souls – Hug (International Version)

Our fangroup’s first release ^^.
DBSK – Hug(International Version)


[ANNOUCEMENT] Phoenix Fangroup Searching for a new U-know

Among the projects we are currently running there is also the Phoenix Fangroup (more info here). Auditions were held a long time ago and we decided upon the Fangroup members. But sadly we lost contact with the member who was supposed to sing U-knows parts. We are SEARCHING now for a new U-KNOW. Auditions are opened for every fanclubmember. So if you love to sing and you can rap we hope you are going to give it a try ^^. Applications deadline would be 24.10.08. For more info and to see how things are going on please check THIS post on the Phoenix Forums !
The Phoenix Team


[Announcement and Reminder] Affiliation and Letters to TVXQ Project

So, i’m happy to announce we’ve got our first affiliate here on LJ, worldcassiopeia  !

Check out their community, there are two fun themes going on for October ;D

Also you all shall remember the HELP US NOW! Bringing TVXQ to Europe Project! In about one month your letters have to be sent out.

If you didn’t know about the project before check out the previous post about it or visit our forum


[PROJECT] Massive Media Attack!

Hello girls~ (and boys :3)!

We are currently preparing for a massive attack on the media in Europe as well as in Korea.

Now that we finished our temporary website as well as our brand new forum we are planning on a massive attack on the media. Meaning: We want to send out messages to all the TV and Radio stations as well as Magazines across Europe as well as Korea to help promote our project and achieve our goals.

1. To call their attention to our project and TVXQ

2. To therefore boost the awareness level and popularity of TVXQ here in Europe

3. as well as the awareness level of our fanclub over in Korea / SM

But to do this we need your help!

Please aid us in creating a huge list of all possible TV, Radio Stations and Magazines all over Europe and Korea. Inform us on TV stations in your country that would be interested in hearing about our fanclub or even sending a broadcast about our project (possible stations could be music stations such as MTV as well as usual stations which include a variety of broadcasts (e.g. boulevard)) as well as radio stations which would be interested in airing TVXQ songs or information on our project (stations which play similar music would be best). Also we would like to contact Magazines which focus on popular music or would be interested in publishing an article about an Asian music group and it’s fanclub!

Of course we want to send out those messages in different languages according to the stations’ countries, therefore we need people who are willing to translate the text we are working on into their native language.

You can inform us at your nation’s topic on TV and Radio stations as well as Magazines in your country and later on discuss about the best translation together with fellow country(wo)men.

If you got any questions or suggestions you can post them here. Also tell us if you can’t find your country in the list.

Your Phoenix Adm Team


To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to "officially" open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ. Please, join us at our forum, livejournal, myspace and youtube account ^^


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