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For new / not registered users

general rules

Since there’s lots of members registered who haven’t been posting a single reply, I would like you to acknowledge the following rules:

Please DO NOT register to this forum if you’re either

a. going to be completely INACTIVE (meaning you’re not going to write a single post)
We are in need of active members who try to help us accomplish our goals and someday make this project’s aim reality. Also we are trying to build up a community with a friendly atmosphere, so communication of any kind would help us alot! If you decide on not joining our fanclub, but you’re a kind person who wants to help fellow fans in need, I’m totally okay with you registering here!


b. NOT going to register as a member of the inofficial fanclub
If you decide being an inactive member since you joined because you want to become _only_ a fanclub member, I’m fine with it – as long as you register as one. Nobody forces you to become a member of the project team if you don’t have the time or energy to do so.
If you are interested in joining an official fanclub I’d kindly ask you to join the inofficial fanclub beforehand, since we are trying to figure out, how many members we are able to gather, and as you surely know – the more the better! But please only join us after due consideration and only if you really want to become a member of the fanclub, because we want to somewhat rely on the number of fans we’ve gathered.

And furthermore…
If you DO register to this forum, please make sure to introduce yourself~
Thank you~!

So please, make sure you participate in this project! Is really frustrating to have so many members who haven’t even introduced themselves >-< We don’t bite ;P


To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to "officially" open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ. Please, join us at our forum, livejournal, myspace and youtube account ^^


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