Europe becomes One

Hey Phoenixes~,

As you guys know TVXQ has fans from all around Europe, and as you might also know (unfortunately) they’re not all in our fanclub. The choice is surely up to them and we don’t want to force anyone to become a part of our community.

But what we want is to show TVXQ and SM that we are a huge and united fandom that stands together as one. Therefore we decided to create a link list of every European fanclub out there to prove how many we are and how devoted we are to TVXQ.

This list will be shown on our forum as well as on our website to be visible for every visitor.

The list though is merely a database, a collection of links, which shows that we’re all European fans of TVXQ and we all stand for the same goal.

The fanclubs and forums on the list won’t have an affiliate status, since many of them offer downloads and copyrighted material and we don’t want to have them closer connected to Phoenix. If you know a site or forum which wants to affiliate with us, we would kindly ask them to remove their download sections (if they have any) and the name and link of those website will seperately be put on our affiliates list with a button picture of their choice.

Take here a look if your countrie’s TVXQ page is already in the list.

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To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to "officially" open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ. Please, join us at our forum, livejournal, myspace and youtube account ^^


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