READY, SET, MOVE into our new home~!

Dear boardmembers~!

The time has finally arrived! Our new forum is all done and we’re ready to move~. We would like to invite every single member of the Project Forum to move together with us. Fanclub members will keep their membership and will be added to the Fanclub Member group of our new forum. To secure that we can identify every member of our fanclub it is necessary for you to keep your old forum nickname. If you’re desperate to change your nickname, tell us your new name here. However we would like to ask you to avoid doing that.

To our fanclub members:

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not moving with us within a month, you will automatically be flagged as inactive and not interested in being a fanclub member anymore. Therefore your membership will be cancelled. You can become a member once again at any time. Please understand that we need to know if our members are active and ready to join the official fanclub at any time* this could happen. We need to rely on our members and the actual number of members we have gathered.

To our board members:

We are still having lots of topics available for non fanclub members, so if you are interested in staying a part of our forum community you are once again invited to join us!
Enough babbling done!

Here’s the URL to our NEW FORUM:     http://board.phoenixfc.eu
And the URL to our TEMPORARY WEBSITE:     http://www.phoenixfc.eu
(Please note that you are still able to hand in your layouts for the final website since the temp. site only serves as a portal for our forum as well as a platform for the most essential information on our fanclub)

So guys, what are you waiting for? GO GO MOVE!

*We believe that checking on fanclub news once every month isn’t asked too much. Also we want to REMIND YOU: By joining the Unofficial Fanclub of TVXQ you more or less agree on being aware that you will have to pay certain amount of money when it will become official. For underaged members (below 18 ) you will need the allowance of your parents to join the official fanclub.

Your Phoenix admin team

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To take another step towards becoming the First Official European Fanclub of TVXQ we decided to "officially" open the First Inofficial European Fanclub of TVXQ. Please, join us at our forum, livejournal, myspace and youtube account ^^


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